** A Whole Lotta Ass Sybil Stallone Van Wylde * **266**

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** A Whole Lotta Ass Sybil Stallone Van Wylde * **266**

In the future, a Darth Vader-like figure named Chuck De Nomolos, a former teacher Rufus was acquainted with, sends back a pair of evil robotic clones of Bill and Ted in an effort to stop the future they create with their music.

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Joined in with their old bandmate and now eccentric bass soloist Death, along with the other musicians from the film and their daughters, they would together improvise a song that started to gather everyone else’s attention. People who were once panicking in the streets were now stood in awe of what they were hearing, but it wasn’t enough. The pair then get the idea to send infinite versions of themselves throughout history to pass out instruments to every person who ever lived so everyone in history could join in. When they regathered back into their present selves, Bill and Ted took to the stage, and when they started playing, the universe started self-repairing, with a vibrant purple-and-blue beam of energy emitting from the duo.

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Dennis can’t kill Bill and Ted because they have the song on a flash drive, which makes him feel the weight of his poorly timed actions that much more. The pair break the flash drive to make him kill them. He still can’t do it, thinking of them as friends now, for some reason. He deems himself a failure, and takes his own life instead, with Bill and Ted grabbing his gun to take the blast as well. In Hell, somehow Dennis shows up with them, despite him being a machine, implying he developed a soul after his guilt from his actions.
When we were doing the Rock Star movie we’d bust each other’s asses and fuck with each other, because he’s from Boston and I love the Yankees. is that with somebody like Bon Scott, that ain’t an act. He’s living that shit, just out of his fuckin’ mind. Spending all of their free time with the band eventually lead to its troubles; as the pair approached the end of their high school years they found themselves failing history, which would result in them flunking out of high school.

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Andrews then left the church for good in 2017 after being told that she could not be a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding because the dress she would have to wear was too revealing. A former Mormon has told how she abandoned her religion to become a porn star after spending years ‘sexually repressed’. I was meant to be with him – lions hang out with lions, you know? The funniest story from my time with the old man is probably when we threw a fuckin’ TV out the fuckin’ window. It was me, Ozzy and Robert Trujillo, sitting up in a Prague hotel room at three in the morning. Van Wylde
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