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He even plastered her modeling photos around the hospital to humiliate her.

Alex took the investors to his office and explained the situation properly. They were impressed with his ability to handle chaos and approved more funding. Jo dropped by his office and he wanted to celebrate the good news with her. He thought it was a good time to get legally married and they went to the courthouse.
Meredith then told Jo to go to Boston and come back when they found the money, but Jo had already turned Boston down by that point. Jo revealed she had only applied for Boston because she could, but she did not really want to move there as it felt like going backwards. Jo then decided to go back to Bailey and explain why she was the future of medicine. Bailey decided to fund the fellowship with her own money and appointed Alex interim Chief of Surgery, as she herself needed a sabbatical. Meredith was not happy about the move but Alex told her she still got him around this way and that it was time for Jo to move on to her own stuff.

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Alex congratulated Meredith with the rest of the staff who had come out to support her. On Jo’s first day back to work, Alex offered Jo a job at Pac-North so she could start with a clean slate, even allowing her to run her own fellowship. On Richard’s first day at Pac-North as director of the general surgery program, he came to complain to Alex about the two only residents being terrible and to demand an office. Alex reminded him of the hospital’s terrible rankings and the need to turn the place around.
While attending a fish fry hosted by Richard on the roof, Alex asked Bailey to cover for him while he flew back to Iowa with his mother. Alex was thrown in the deep end of the pool on his first day as Chief. He signed off on Link’s project to 3-D print prosthetics for kids.

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He also helped her pick a «new face» for Dr. Sloan to construct. Because of her new face and because she couldn’t remember her real name, Alex nicknamed her Ava. Later on, Rebecca returned and they had a brief relationship during which she believed he got her pregnant . A bit later, under pressure from Izzie, Ava revealed the truth to Alex. Alex Grey
At first, Lucy strongly disliked Alex after he called her patient a turnip, but after discovering they shared an equal enthusiasm for college basketball, she liked him slightly more. Lucy was disappointed because as Alex was considering that opportunity, he didn’t even think about Lucy. Arizona approached Alex and asks him if he wasn’t taking the job because of Lucy, as she didn’t want him to do the same thing she did and run back to Lucy once in Africa. Alex told Lucy he was not taking the job in Africa because she was «a factor.» She told him to stop and said he was right when he said career comes first. She told him she took the job — not at Baylor, but Alex’s proposed job in Africa. Not long after that, she walked into Joe’s and said to Alex, «tell me not to go to Africa.» He told her to go to hell.The judge wanted to postpone the hearing but Alex loudly objected. He had brought together a whole group of people who had been treated by Meredith and had all come from all over the country to testify on her behalf. He had also gathered letters of support from Cristina, Addison, April, Callie, and Arizona. He read Cristina’s out loud and offered to keep going but the judge had heard enough. The panel voted to dismiss the entire case, meaning Meredith would get to keep her license.
Before she came back to Seattle, Ava had developed a borderline personality disorder. A part of this disorder was that she had forgotten that she already had a baby. Alex took care of her during her second stint in Seattle, but he couldn’t prevent Ava’s suicide attempt. Alex found her in Meredith’s kitchen and took her to the ER, where she was treated by Izzie. At first, Alex wouldn’t allow that and told Izzie that she was «only going through a bad patch», and that he could take care of her. After a long talk with Izzie, Alex admitted that Ava needed help and that he couldn’t give it to her. As a child he was fascinated by the concept of death and used to collect dead insects which he buried in his backyard. His artistic bent of mind was also evident from his childhood and he was encouraged to draw by his graphic designer father. He was also greatly interested in existentialism and experimented with drugs in order to induce mystical experiences. He is famous for his ‘x-ray’ style of painting and his works of art often present the stages of developing psyche. He has the unique skill of portraying clairvoyant visions and psychedelic themes in his works. Alex Grey
After Gabriella’s surgery, during which they found cancer, Alex found Jo sobbing in Lori Carter’s arms. Alex took Jo away and found out she had mistaken a phone call from someone calling to see if Gus could donate blood as someone responding to their needing a donor. Alex met with Bailey in her office and vented his despair over the situation, not knowing what to do with Jo. For a week, Jo pretended to be sick and did not go back to work. He knew she was lying, but she continued to completely shut him out and lie in bed all day. He went to work in a suit, something he had grown to like as Chief. He also admitted his mother into a psychiatric facility at one point. Art — The easiest way to buy and sell art online safely! Join our 175k + members and register for our daily email, to save your favorite listings, and take advantage of our buying/selling systems. Watch for WOWS — bargains & see our more than 12,000 Must Sell and Steal listings.At the same time, a gallery with pictures of all past and present Chiefs was installed there. Jo made him pose next to his photo and sent a picture to Helen Karev to show her how far her son had come. Bailey found herself bugged by Alex’s picture on there and reminded him of the time he wanted to step down but she still needed time. However, Alex told her he had gotten good at the job and that he wanted to keep the job till the end of the six-month contract they had agreed to. Begrudgingly, she told him she was proud of him for standing up for himself. They jumped out of bed to leave for work, but found that the storm made it unsafe to leave their house. They continued to sleep together several times over the course of the day. Despite the callous image he projects, Alex is particularly affected when he treats addicts and abused children because of his childhood background. He initially refused to install a central line for a Demerol addict because he did not want to feed his habit. He was also able to connect with a teenage boy whose abusive father hit his mother. Alex Grey!!